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What is your inspiration?

Whats yours?

Making beats and writing rhymes, what sparks your inspiration to Create?? For me as a producer I get inspiration from everywhere and not necessarily from hearing a track or sample..

From Where?

I get inspiration from watching movies, say I hear a harmonica in a western movie in a scene where there is a big showdown between the good guy and the bad guy that’s triggers a idea to create a moody showdown Kind of beat. I watch a scene in an action movie and it triggers a vision and a concept for a track, for example the final fight in a ROCKY movie sparks that eye of the tiger to make a hard hitting beat. You see a painting and it takes you somewhere gives you your own vision on creating a song that sparks the same mood as when you saw that painting, you can get inspiration from hearing a crew of construction workers working i.e you here the strike of a hammer, that can spark the idea for a big snare cracking beat. You hear birds singing and that can inspire you to make a summer time chill vibe type track.

Open mind

Inspiration comes from any and everywhere, keep an open mind listen to a mass variety of music, different generes you might hear a sound that triggers something, watch a mass variety of movies, documentaries, you might see a scene that sparks an idea for a song, listen the the world around you cause you never know what might hit you and spark an idea for something great

Stay inspired people



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