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Soulsik Society

“Soulsik Society is a truly great Hip Hop group, part of The Sons of Boombap movement in favour of the preservation of the things that so many of us most value in this beautiful little thing called Hip-Hop. Klubba Lang (producer/Dj) UK Born and raised living in Ottawa, Canada. Oskeptical(MC) A Colombian Born American Emcee from Miami who stays true to his Colombian roots with touches of bilingual flow and razor sharp lyrics. Soulsik Society main mission is to make their fans think and feel on a variety of different subject matter. Since April 2015 they’ve been wrecking shop together, with 2 EP’s released making genuinely amazing true school boom bap music in the spirit of the soul. Fans can count on them to deliver thoughtful, intelligent, ‘ bumpin’ Hip Hop music every time!”


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