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Shade Cobain (Blacktivity)

Shade Cobain is a producer hailing from Pittsburgh, Pa. His style is of the late 90’s boom bap, with a today spin on it. He also does production in the nu-soul (neo soul) genre. His drive for creating music non stop. Within the 5 he has produced/co-produced 12 albums (Cobainish Remixes Vol. 1, Divine Seven’s LISTEN!!!, Jon Quest’s Real Adventures of Jon Quest, Cassette Theory Beat EP, TFW Presents: Anti Love Theory, Roy Porter Sound System: Beat Review, Cobainish Theory, TEARS, Ill Tone x Shade Cobain are BLACKTIVITY, 16 PADS, Blacktivity – Found In Translation, Blacktivity – The Singles) along with producing singles for Jarobi x Dres of Black Sheep (EVITAN), Arablak, staHHr, John Graham, APEX just to name a few. His production getting attention and gaining momentum from fans worldwide.

God’s Peace,
Shade Cobain

Producer, Natural Born Sound Killas (NBSK)
Sound Design, Rhyme Calisthenics



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