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Die By The Mic was founded in 1999 by two ambitious guys with the hopes of creating an outlet for them to
express themselves in an environment where rock and country ruled the airwaves. Hip hop was damn near
non-exisitent in the Northern Ontario scene and they wanted to provide a place where anyone that was inspired
and motivated could help grow the culture in the area. Focusing on making 100% original beats & rhymes
Die By The Mic was born. At the production helm was (adam ladouceur (LADDY XL & mike osipenko (CHAPTER 7)).

discography of this period:

Instruments of Punishment to the North     (2001)
Fit For Survival            (2005)


By 2005 DBTM was a strong independent rap collective with a stable of hungry MC’s homning their craft. Artists
included NVS (Kenny Clifford), Mic Guetto (Mike Guenette). Although Chapter 7’s skills were mainly used in
production for many friends and affiliates such as LUCANUS PELL & The WOODHOUSE CONNECTIONS. The staple
pentagon was the five members: CHAPTER7, LADDY XL, MIC GUETTO (Mike Guenette), LITTLE KING (Ryan Dawes) & NVS
(Kenny Clifford). Things were flourishing and expanding. Our 90’s underground style of sound was gaining ground.

discography of this period:

Remedy For Your Sickness(2007)
Poetic Minds        (2008)


All good things must come an end and the progress and unity DBTM experience started to fragment and eventually
shattered due to conflicting views and priorities within its ranks. When LITTLE KING saddly took his own life
on 4/20/2011 the movement flat lined with him. He was the glue that held the group together. His passion was an
inspiration. Brother, mediator and friend he is missed greatly by all that knew him. The aftershock was vast
and very evident. With just two members left to pick up the pieces things werent looking good. NVS was still
down for the crew but the loss of such a dear friend made writting difficult. CHAPTER 7 the core of the beast
had some hard choices to make.


From death new life is born. With just two members remaining it was becoming clear that in its present form
DBTM may very well be extiguished. “If we are gonna continue this we gotta go all in or not at all!” was the
sentiment spoken by CHAPTER7, that became a mission statement behind their re-ignited drive. With NVS being
drawn towards the production side of things more and more it was decided between the two, that DBTM would morph
towards becoming a beat making duo (with occasional MC’ing) focusing on providing exclusive original beats and
production. With some blood sweat & tears as partners they have now successfully made Die By The Mic a legit
launching , hosting local hip hop shows and even filming a video with Snak the Ripper.

discography of this period:

My Axis (2010)(Chapter 7 Solo)
Network (2011)
INorth     (2013)(some production by CHAPTER7, some verses by NVS and CHAPTER7)

notable tracks:

Die By The Mic ft Snak The Ripper -Watch Your Throat    (2013)
(Production by CHAPTER7, Verses by NVS, SNak The Ripper & CHAPTER7)

Merkules ft Grotesque & Hopsin – On The Road        (2013)
(Hunger Pains album)(Production by Chapter7)

NVS ft Slaine Madchild & Merkules – The Realest        (2014)
(Production by Chapter 7, Verse by NVS)


Although things were on track once again by 2013 change was in the air once more. Chapter7 was feeling the
pressure of the business aspects of the company. It was straining the passion he had for Hip Hop and needed
a new beginning to cement his vision and legacy. So in late 2013 he passed the DBTM torch to NVS to mould and
shape the company freely. Chapter7 began Secret Alcove Beats and then made another change to the moniker of
Eight Measures which he is currently still using. His work can be found at

Now sole proprietor of Die By The Mic; NVS is now the Production Head as well as Beatmaker, Show Host & Promoter.
Thanks to the tutelage of Chapter7, NVS now has killer MPC skills which will be showcased in his first ever
production album being released in early 2017 titled ICURNVS with features by Prada West, Sean Strange,
Young Stitch, Neph, Lord Lhus, Danny Thomas, Prevail, Celph Titled, Evil Ebeneezer, Drezus & many more! This
will serve as the first project from DBTM with NVS at the helm and as the new direction of the company. In the
meantime you can peep NVS beats or buy DBTM merch at or . Which once again proves you cant keep good Boom Bap down!


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