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Microphone Misfitz

The Microphone Misfitz


“The Microphone Misfitz are the epitome of the acronym HIPHOP – Healthy Independent People Helping Other People – their music focuses on the themes of living for a healthier state of mind, uplifting those who are trying to find their path in this world, and rejuvenating the fundamentals of what Hip-Hop truly is in a world that has forgotten the essence of the culture. The Misfitz front-man, D-Nick the Microphone Misfit himself – enjoys the fact that his crew can collectively provide an eclectic performance of all 5 Elements of Hip-Hop: Master-of-Ceremonies (MC), B-Boying (Break Dancing), Graphiti (Urban Street Art), DJ (Live Turntable Scratching), and finally the collective of Knowledge, Culture and over standing. Each member adds their own flavor to the overall Misfitz experience. Kin Solo & Jet Nam AKA Jet9 is the choreographer & movement artists. Ray of Light is the hybrid between dancer & MC. Mel L. is the Graff artist, vocalist, & road DJ. DJ Mar & Mike Knobel (aemka) are the production team and D-Nick is the lead MC, lyricist & artistic director of the group. The Microphone Misfitz have toured overseas in Algeria, Comic Con, SXSW, & Navy Pier, The Fitz have also opened for great artist like KRS One, Jeru Tha Damaja, Saul Williams Professor Griff, Brother Ali & more. We are currently promoting our latest album/comic book Escape from Babylon volume II a follow up to 2012’s Escape From Babylon!”




“Chi-Town five-piece outfit Microphone Misfitz are back with Escape From Babylon Volume II, the follow-up to 2012’s Escape From Babylon. The other best cuts include the loose and funky P.A.R.T.Y, the car chase vibes of Barz and the intense Kill Bill theme-sampling, Jeru The Damaja-introduced Soul Rebelz. All that and an vocal introduction from DMC of Run DMC. An endorsement indeed.” –


“I originally saw this video posted at Vegan Hip Hop in the spring. I think I’ve listened to it everyday since then. The message in the lyrics is spot on and the 90’s upbeat feel of the song just grabs you.” –


“This is VERY tight. One of my favorite tracks on this is “Speak it in Existence.” I really like the vibe of these guys, they are real hip hop! I know what you’re thinking….whats real? Real is speaking truth. “…Only you can save you…” Nuff said. Stream below. Listen to “Keep Off Tracks” too. The intro had me rolling for a minute, people really spit like that lol. Dope!” – Lucky Logan, Who Needs A Genre


“Chicago’s dynamic hip hop crew The Microphone Misfitz are fed up with the state of things in the world and so they’re plotting an escape! Their new album Escape From Babylon (along with a comic book released to complement the album) addresses a number of social issues like racism, poverty, injustice, and takes a stab at the current state of music industry. The comic book depicts The Misfitz embarking on a quest to fight against The Powers That Be. And guess what! They prevail despite any super powers, other than that funk and boom bap, of course! On their new LP, Escape from Babylon, the Microphone Misfitz launch a verbal assault on a number of issues from racism and poverty to the state of popular music. Along with the new album, the group has a new comic as well.” -Jesse Mendez,


“They are promoting a positive message with their movement and they were in full effect at the Philly Comic Con this year.” -CAC TV


Twitter: @MicMisfitz & @ D_Nickel1

Facebook: The Microphone Misfitz & D-Nick The Microphone Misfit

IG: @themicrophonemisfitz



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