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Mic Boogie

From an early age, it was clear that Michael "Mic Boogie" Lamourie's love for Hip Hop music 
and the culture would make him one of the most respected and vocal supporters in the Canadian
Hip Hop scene. Between playing high school football and basketball, Mic made time to surround 
himself with other local MC’s and producers interested in making Hip Hop music. While learning 
the production side of the industry, he further expanded his own interest and talents crafting 
a solid rhyme platter. 

After dropping 2 albums "That's Me" and "Mr. Boogie", Mic toured across Canada the U.S. 
including parts of Europe & India from 2006-2012. In August 2014, He took his love for Hip Hop 
and his industry connections to the next level, along with his brother Anthony (Costa Music) 
they launched the internet super-site Maximum FM Hip Hop, a web based radio station nestled in 
the studio district of Toronto. Boogie is in charge of the weekly programming and music submissions, 
along with producing his own weekly shows and doubling as a host for Canadian Crates, Underground
Express, The Shit Show and New Music Monday's just to name a few. With the help of Chris "GotRocks" 
Jackson, owner of Big Ticket & Easpark Pro, they have collaboratively provided a home for Canadian 
Hip Hop artists to showcase their talent. Maximum FM Hip Hop is a common thread that unites as a 
platform for playing real Hip Hop, while providing exposure for a variety of emcee's in Canada and 

It's a new station that plays all kinds of Hip Hop 24/7 featuring live shows, dj mixes and interviews 
with some of Hip Hop’s legends and new upcoming artists.


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