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Since the fateful day in 1996 when Adam Tanton, soon to take the madhattr moniker, wrote his first rap song and was hopelessly in love with the pencil craft.
Being a rural based artist in the late 90’s, there was not a lot of beat makers available to produce beats for him. Not wanting to write songs over previously used instrumentals, madhattr began producing his own beats through a painful trial and error process out of necessity. This allowed him to sculpt a unique approach to sampling and drum arrangements that still sets him apart 20 years later. In 2001, following a devastating loss of tools and material, madhattr teamed up with fellow rural rap enthusiast, Josh Rozak aka Mogs, To release the ENC CD produced and recorded by the hat man himself. He followed that with the self produced/engineered full length “Not So Famous Player” in 2004. Wanting to take a hiatus from the mic, hattr reunited with childhood friend Ngajuana and released Sonic Therapy: The Frustrations of Josua Wolf in 2009, part one of a three part theatrical masterpiece. Followed by Missed the Cut Vol. 1, a collection of songs cut from the trilogy. Parts 2 and 3 still under construction. In 2013 madhattr teamed up with fellow rural producer/MC Word Salad to release the acclaimed beat tape “Big Bird Era” (available for free at and quietly followed up with the heavily conceptual “War Party”. In 2013 hattr teamed up with The Nicest and brought us the JRMA winning Madhattr Presents: The Nicest EP recorded and mastered by Fresh Kils. It is safe to say madhattr is a high quality, low quantity type of artist who more concerned with getting it right than getting it hyped. Be on the look out for his upcoming solo record, Offline Existence, or in the liner notes of your favorite SOB artist release.


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