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Jason Young aka Know-It is a veteran beat smith originally from Chatham On but now resides in the city of Cambridge . Know-It has been crafting hip hop beats for over 25 years and has work with artists from all over the United States and Canada including 3 time Juno nominee D-Sisive , 2015 juno award winner Tona , 9th Uno and his partner of 2 albums legendary emcee Sharky . Know-It has had a sporadic career as he has been fighting kidney disease the last 12 years and spending most of those years on life support in the form of kidney dialysis . Because of Know-It’s struggles with end stage renal failure he has been an advocate for organ donation and has personally signed up over a 100 people to be organ donors . Know-it plans to release a project in 2016 titled The Dialysis Catalog ! It’s a project of music that he has produced over the years while on kidney dialysis .


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