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Let’s start with a simple fact. There are plenty of hard workers in hip-hop. We all have to hustle, and many of the most talented mic-rippers also have to take time to take care of their families and the other things that matter most. That should give us as a hip-hop community even more respect for the emcees who take the time to focus on the things that matter outside the music, and then return with a vengeance to smash the mic the way it’s got to be done. Such is the case for Cable, a microphone murderer who absolutely destroys everything when he’s not taking care of his wife and young children, and who finally, after an extended absence, has returned to the game to rip it a new one, the way those of us who believed in him always knew he could.
Cable’s story begins in 1997 with the magnificent compilation known as the Beatdown Invasion. Formed in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, as part of a collective album put together by super producer Pro-Logic. Beatdown Invasion was the first time Cable and the Mic slaying members of Sons of Beatdown first blessed a project, and in most cases became familiar with each others monster abilities. Sons of Beatdown is now the unstoppable quartet of Cable accompanied by the world-conquering likes of Sharky, a fellow Original SOB, whose diamond-hard bars tear emcees in half like it’s nothing; Illtone, a deft rhymer with uncommon savoir faire; and Fraction, a truly amazing rapper with a unique gift for imagery whose deep Saafir-style voice could swallow the planet. To this powerful group of emcees, Cable adds a style that’s two parts looney-tunes, sickitating, masterfully crafted bars, one part the kind of supernatural and the other, smooth mic presence that’s practically worthy of epic status. Mash it all together, and you’ve got simple true-school rap magic.
The Sons of Beatdown crew wrecked shop individually from 1997 until 2004, when Cable took time off to excel in that other key area of life, honouring and protecting one’s loved ones. Refusing to let art interfere with life, he went to work being a great partner to his wife and raising their young son and daughter. Anyone on earth should be able to recognize that prerogative and respect that decision – it’s family first, and Cable deserves credit for knowing that there need be no conflict between the two things, rap and family, that captured his heart. “Family is the most important thing to me on the planet”, he claims, and you’ve gotta respect a man so clearly honest, upstanding and honourable. There’s no two ways about that.
But now Daddy’s home on the mic again, and since 2014 he’s been back at it, just in time for an all-new development – the formation of the Sons of Beatdown as the core of a new, international, Wu Tang-style crew called the Sons and Sisters of Boombap. Now, with such new talents as Ultra Magnus, Ahlee, Oskeptical, Lakes, Jukebox, Bigg Ceaser, Donny Yonder, Age, Kimbit and The Mighty Rhino joining them on the mic, and producers like Phadetoven, Pro-Logic, Know-it-all and Klubba Lang backing them up on the beats, the core Sons of Beatdown are ready to get back to being the true-school hip-hop takeover they always planned to be.
The same fire that animated legends like Royce Da 5’9″, Pharoahe Monch, Busta Rhymes, A Tribe Called Quest, Big Pun, De La Soul and Mos Def, and made their careers into the stuff of rap legend, is also clearly on display whenever Cable touches the mic. His friends love him. Rival emcees fear him. His family is everything to him and vice-versa. Welcome to the world of the truly great rapper known as Cable. You’ll become a fan instantly, and stay one forever. Enjoy the ride.


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