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Adam Walsh

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Adam Walsh is an up and coming Canadian hiphop artist from Barrie, Ontario. He first gained local success under the name ‘Pro’ as one of the three members of The First Kings, opening for acts such as Classified, Redman and Method man, Epmd, and more.

After the group split up, he focused on performing as a solo act. After doing many shows throughout Ontario, he quickly gained the respect of his peers and became a huge part of the city’s hiphop culture.

Known for his distinct voice, he harnesses pain and emotion in such a way that it usually goes unmatched. From deep thought provoking lines, to intense hard hitting punches, his flow seamlessly displays them over a wide variety of different beat styles.

Now, after recording and engineering his first debut project, the ‘Ramblings L.p.’, Adam is in constant pursuit of that hard hitting sound that people know him for.

With over a decade of writing experience, his new found engineering capabilities, and the announcement that he has joined the Son’s Of Boombap, he is definitely an artist to watch for.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – @WalshHipHop


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