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8 Measures

Mike O. Aka 8 Measures (31yrs old)

Born and raised in Timmins, Ontario,  8 Measures got into hip hop during the start of his high school years, where he met up with like minded poeples who were into hip hop and eventually teamed up with a handful of local artist (one of which was another sob member NVS ) and formed Die By The Mic where they released several projects and worked with countless artists across canada and Europe over the years. During that time 8 measures developed a speacial passiong for the editing/mixing/beatmaking aspect of tmusic production and started to transfer his focus from writting and rapping into making beats and mixing, from that point on he has never looked back and continues to his day to devote his time and passion into his music.

Armed with his trusty mpc 8 measures continues to knock out bangers on the weekly basis, you can check out his instrumentals here


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